Another shipment of calves for live export is due to arrive in Ramsgate

Calves are bound for the Jolene at Ramsgate Port Photo Kent Animal Save

Campaigners protesting against live animal exports will be gathering in Ramsgate tomorrow afternoon ahead of the arrival of lorries carrying calves.

Members of Kent Action Against Live Exports and other groups will protest at the Royal Harbour Approach  roundabout.

The lorries are expected to arrive at Ramsgate Port at around 3.30pm. The animals are due to be transported to Calais aboard the Joline vessel.

Last month lorries arrived with calves onboard with campaigners saying some were just three weeks old.

Compassion in World farming says unweaned Scottish calves are now coming through Ramsgate after P&O Ferries stopped taking the shipments.

Thanet council – at the time with a Labour ruling group -banned exports from Ramsgate after 47 sheep died at the port in September 2012 but they were forced to make a U-turn by the High Court.

TDC has since paid more than £5.1 million in compensation to individuals and companies involved in the export of live farm animals from the port of Ramsgate for loss of trade.

The claims followed the High Court ruling in December 2013 that TDC’s ban was unlawful and in breach of EU free trade regulations.


  1. Who is this farmer that thinks it acceptable to transport live, and very young, calves for such a long distance (and it doesn’t end at Ramsgate)? I think he should be publicly shamed.

  2. No matter how much we protest about this it still goes on with the full backing of the law and government.
    THANET taxpayers have had millions of pounds of their money taken to pay compensation out after TDC stopped the exports. Maybe it will stop after Brexit, god knows when that we be if ever.

  3. After TDC *illegally* stopped the exports.
    The place to complain, if you care about animal welfare, is where the animals are loaded. Too late, after they’ve been travelling for hours in dreadful conditions. Yelling and shouting and banging on the trucks just spooks the cattle.

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