Appeal made for the return of Cliffsend ‘World War One soldier’

Missing: The knitted soldier Photo Charlotte Barton

An appeal is being made for the return of a knitted World War One soldier which formed part of a Remembrance display in Cliffsend.

The tiny soldier, which took time researching to get the uniform just right and then more time knitting, was swiped from the top of the post box outside Cliffsend Village Hall at some point last night (November 5).

Furious villagers say the theft has caused “upset” and are now carrying out a sweep of nearby bushes and bins.

Photo Charlotte Barton

The soldier was part of the display created to mark the 100 year anniversary on Sunday (November 11) of the Armistice ending World War One.

Anyone who finds the soldier can contact The Isle of Thanet News on facebook or at [email protected] and we will pass the details on