Students create Harbouring Hopes for Ramsgate exhibition

Ramsgate Royal Harbour Photo John Horton

Year 8 students from Royal Harbour Academy and Chatham & Clarendon Grammar School have been busy with ‘Harbouring Hopes for Ramsgate’ – the latest programme created by Project Motorhouse in association with The Ramsgate Society and supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund.

Since March they have been exploring career opportunities within the heritage sector, filming and interviewing practitioners such as stonemasons, carpenters and conservators at Dover Castle and Canterbury Cathedral.

Being one of the first ten Heritage Action Zones in England, Ramsgate was the perfect starting point to document the type of specialised work required to preserve local architecture.  Using photography, video, sound and the written word, the students have created a spectacular multi media exhibition opening at Ramsgate’s Silverland Studios November 9-14 from 2pm – 5pm.

Their research highlights the distinct need for these occupations, the wide range of careers available in the sector, as well as the good rates of pay and huge potential for enduring job satisfaction.

 What soon became clear to the students was that people working in the heritage sector really loved their jobs, and out of this discovery came the heart logo and tattoo for the exhibition. While the tattoo may be temporary, heritage has a permanent need for candidates to join these professions and help continue our historical legacy.

The exhibition is at Silverland Studios, Arch 18 Military Road, Ramsgate. Entrance is free.