Mum’s shock at large ‘bait knife’ find in Dane Park

The knife has been handed in to police

A Margate mum said she was shocked when a family member and her children brought home a large knife discovered in Dane Park while they were rock-hunting.

The mum, who asked not to be named, and a relative took the sheathed blade, thought to be a bait knife, to Margate Police Station after the discovery yesterday (October 26).

The mum said: “A family member took my children to the park to go rock hunting and the family member happened to find it at the bottom of a tree stump by the bowling green and public toilet.

“They brought it home and we took to the police station. When they showed me I was in shock! It was the last thing I expected to see after a trip to the park.

“I was disgusted at the thought an innocent child could have found it or that it may have been used in a crime.”

Police confirmed the knife had been handed in but had no further information.