Official opening for two new Thanet Post Office branches

Opening of the branch at Londis in Broadstairs

Two Thanet couples, who are friends, have opened Post Offices in their convenience stores on the same day.

Craig Mackinlay, MP for South Thanet “cut the ribbon” on Monday (October 22) to officially open branches at Newington and High Street, Broadstairs.

Both branches opened to the public on September 24, Mr Mackinlay performed the official openings at both branches on the same day.

Dimpal and Hiren Patel have opened Newington Post Office at Rams News & Off Licence, 73 Newington Road.

The couple took on the newsagents and convenience store last year and they were asked by customers if they would consider taking on a Post Office as the Newington branch had closed in May 2017 due to operational reasons. After settling in they decided to apply for a Post Office.

Dimpal Patel said: “As soon as we took on the shop customers asked us to apply to take on a Post Office and we decided it was a really good idea. Our customers are very happy as many had been getting taxis to get to the nearest Post Office. They are very happy with the longer hours.”

Opening of the branch at Newington

Their family friends Avani and Jalpesh Patel, who run Londis convenience store 5 High Street, Broadstairs, were also asked by their customers if they would consider taking on a Post Office when York Street Post Office closed in January 2018 due to the resignation of the Postmaster.

Jalpesh Patel, said: “Customers think it is really good that they have a Post Office again and they are really pleased that we have taken on a Post Office as people had to walk up a hill to the nearest branch.”

Mr Mackinlay said: “It is great news that Newington and High Street, Broadstairs branches have opened in popular convenience stores with experienced retailers. Post Offices are at the heart of communities, so it is great that Post Office services have been restored and that both branches have impressive opening hours – much longer than before.”

High  Street Post Office offers two Post Office counters alongside the retail counter and the branch is open throughout their store’s opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 7am – 9pm; Sunday: 7am – 5pm.

Newington Post Office is open Monday to Sunday: 6am – 8pm. Newington also has on demand Euros and Dollars.


  1. What about having a post office in an English shop for a change,if there’s any left, after all it is England isn’t it

  2. Mr Jones, Sir, Englishman? No, not a true one.

    I presume that you have a substantial sum of ready cash at your disposal just waiting for you to invest in a local “English” convenience store that opens 14 hours each day Monday to Saturday and 10 hours on Sundays. Presumably therefore you will be willing to be in attendance for all of these hours in exchange for a living wage? I doubt it very much. Please remove your substantial rear end from the couch and take your racist chip off the shoulder and give some respect for those that are willing to provide a valuable service to the community following the retirement of an Englishman who has given good service until recently.

    Why is this site not monitored for racist outbursts by the likes of Mr Jones?

    From a true Englishman, born and bred.

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