Thanet campaigners took part in today’s ‘People’s Vote’ march for a fresh EU referendum

Leave campaigners at the rally Photo Rob Yates

Demonstrators from Thanet joined a huge rally in London today (October 20) demanding a new referendum on the final Brexit deal.

The People’s Vote march is claimed to have attracted some 670,000 campaigners. They started at Park Lane for the rally to Parliament Square.

Photo Simon Crow

Pressure is growing on Government over fears that the UK will exit the EU with no deal and concerns over what this will mean for issues including imports and exports, travel and the NHS.

Among today’s protesters was Rob Yates, from Margate, who has been threatened with eviction after putting an anti Brexit sign in the windows of his Arlington House flat.

Mr Yates (pictured) said: “”Today we witnessed some 700,000 people March on Parliament to demand a final say on Brexit.

Photo Simon Crow

“Walking the streets today you saw and heard the anger from normal people who have just had enough with our future being taken for granted by the Tory elite. Placards included ‘Fromage not Farage’, ‘pulling out will not stop them coming’ and ‘we demand a people’s vote. It was a successful day for the remain movement. The tide is turning.”

A Leave Means Leave march was also held today in Harrogate and headed up by former UKIP leader Nigel Farage. Mr Farage said a referendum had already taken place and now it must be implemented.

Photo Simon Crow

In June 2016 the public voted to leave the European Union (EU) by 51.89% to 48.11%. In Thanet the figure was 46,047 for Leave to 26,065 Remain – a 64% majority. The turn out to vote was 73%.

The national vote triggered the resignation of then-Prime Minister David Cameron.

Photo Simon Crow

The UK is scheduled to leave on March 29, 2019, under Article 50. Cross party calls for a fresh referendum have been ruled out by PM Theresa May.

Should the UK

Leave as planned
Hold a second referendum
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  1. If you water down democracy then you are losing grip on society. What happens if you don’t like the next result, hold another referendum and another and so on until you get the result you like? We must abide by the results or the Country will end up in mayhem and unrest. Those people who are protesting for another referendum are just being foolish !

  2. We all know a lot more about the possible consequences of leaving the EU now. Shortages of food and medicine for example. The referendum was an advisory referendum -Cameron need not have stomped off in a huff. About one-third of the electorate voted and the margin between pro and con votes was very narrow indeed.

    Given the extra information we now have, it’s reasonable to want another referendum.

  3. The People were completely mislead by the Brexit propagandamad. They were voting for £350,000,000 A week for the NHS, which is what it said on the side of the Brexit bus. They were voting for nebulous things like “our sovereignty ” and “taking back control” and “make Britain Great again” .
    What they weren’t voting for is food shortages, lack of medicines (the Govt is stockpiling these things). They didn’t vote to have the M26 turned into a lorry park. They didn’t vote to eat meat imported from the USA, stuffed full of chemicals, and washed in chlorine. They didn’t vote for hard borders between NI and Dire. They didn’t vote for a need for International Driving Licences. They didn’t vote for the utter chaos and farce into which we’re descending, making us the laughing stock of the rest of Europe.
    Most of all, it was a Referendum. It was advisory, not binding. The Govt could walk away from Brexit amy time it wants.

  4. Back in 1971-1973 We didn’t have a vote about joining the EU and it has cost the UK billions we have done our bit 40+years, the young people don’t know the things we had to change for the worst not for the better, so please before you ask for another vote go on the Web and research all about it

    • There was a vote in 1975. The majority voted to join the EU. What would be the advantages of leaving the EU now? I don’t think TDC could sort out the mess the government is currently creating!

      What were the things “we had to change for the worst not for the better”? Work conditions and environmental protection were not among those things.

  5. Well, the farmers certainly did ok out of the CAP.
    BTW, if we leave the EU, will these “billions” be paid into the NHS, like it said on the side of the bus?
    How much of these billions was paid to Nigel Garage, for turning up to just 1 Fisheries meeting?

  6. You can’t damage democracy by having more democracy. So why not hold a further referendum, now we know some of the dire consequences of the first (narrow) vote. After all, one fundamental of our voting system is that, if we elect a government, and it doesn’t go well, we can rest assured that we will hold another General Election soon enough. And, in a few years , we will hold yet another, and another, and then another…..

    The whole point is that we continually assess how the country is progressing and can then adjust and change things. So why not hold another referendum, now some of the facts are becoming clear. After all, how many “Leave” voters can genuinely say that they would be happy to use the M26 lorry park(let alone any other motorway in Kent) if we ever actually left the EU?

    The first referendum was too close to call it “The will of the people”. If less than 2 in every hundred Leave voters had voted the other way, or not bothered turning out, we would not even be having this discussion. Because we would be remaining in the EU and carrying on as normal.

    • What a load of ball, leaving the EU will have no inpact on any country, trading will stay the same we still need to trade with each other, so stop holding us back we all can move forward for the better.

  7. Nearly three quarters of a million attended the Anti-Brexit march.
    1,200 were at the Leave Means Leave event.
    Says it all really!

  8. you lost even had time extension to register
    guess what you still lost. All this nonsense
    we did not no what we were voting for is rubbish
    leave the Eu entirety hint phrase of entirety
    as a whole completely not a litle bit the whole frame
    work not little bit on wednesdays only leave verb

    go away from.

    • You sound a bit worried, even desperate. No logical arguments, just repeated demands. The whole Brexit illusion is coming apart. Soon, it will be three years since the last referendum. Time enough to think again.

  9. Its untrue to say a majority of the electorate voted to leave the EU they didn’t! Only 72% of the electorate voted, that means 28% abstained, or didn’t vote at all. The vote to leave was 52%, and 52% of 72% is only 38%! So only 38% of the electorate voted to leave, but no one knew what the Terms of Conditions would be if we left! If people think they knew what the Terms & Conditions were, then they should tell the Tory government, and the EU, because they have been trying to negotiate them for the last 2 years! If they ever do come up with the Terms & Conditions to leave, then we should have the chance to give our informed consent for them, with another Referendum, as the first one should be declared null & void!

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