Vandals have targeted a Cliftonville church with bright pink graffiti

Church volunteers had to scrub the graffiti off

Members of St Paul’s Church in Cliftonville have had to get the scrubbing brushes out after vandals sprayed bright pink tags onto the stone wall.

The damage was caused overnight between October 5-6.

Church volunteer Terry McElligott said: “Anti-social graffiti tags in cerise pink have been sprayed onto the stone wall in Edgar Road, causing damage to the listed structure.

“We got wire brushes on it  but traces are still left and it hasn’t done the stone much good. If anyone saw it happen or knows who the culprit could be please contact Kent Police.”

Kent Police said officers are investigating.

A spokesman said:”Kent Police is investigating a report of criminal damage to a church in Northdown Road.

“Graffiti has been painted on an outer wall of the church. It is reported that similar graffiti has also been painted on a nearby phone box.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting reference number ZY/59631/18. Alternatively call the independent charity Crimestoppers in Kent anonymously on 0800 555111.


  1. Is the CCTV working or has it been turned off to save money by TDC. Shop keepers should keep all paint spray cans under lock and key. I suspect the idiots who spray vandalism everywhere are stealing the cans from shops and stores.

    • The CCTV at TDC has now been upgraded and is brilliant.
      A worthwhile investment in my opinion
      Hopefully the police will get the culprit/s

  2. As annoying as it is I find the problem of endless piles of dog mess and discarded rubbish/fly-tipping to be far more of a blight and health risk on our streets-of course prosecutions are rare, the park crescent recycling site next to the council’s park depot still has tyres, furniture etc dumped there regularly despite the council’s sign of a several thousand pounds fine & possible jail warning-I have never read of anybody being prosecuted for dumping there however. Walk across the road to the back-alleyway leading up to Byron Avenue and you will see an endless stream of graffiti to accompany the turds lazy dog owners cannot be bothered to pick up. Morons spray tagging walls is offensive to the eye, but not to the nose and it doesn’t bring rats, scavenging birds, diseases etc like these things do.

    Our council’s ideas to tackle the dog issues has been to introduce a brain-dead scheme where people would register their dog’s DNA that a child could see was inane beyond belief-the only ones who would register are the responsible owners, not the ones who think it is funny to see the streets covered in their little darling fecal matter. The councilor who supposedly dreamed this up was recently in court charged with destroying information relating to how much more money was wasted on this idiocy-although cleared we still have not been told how much this fiasco that it seems the other councilors must have thought was a good idea cost. Haven’t seen Fido the councils turd remover once since it’s much vaunted unveiling 2-3 years back and of course nobody appears to be out enforcing fines for fouling, littering or tipping-relying instead on the stupidity of some-mostly in Cliftonville to dump it where CCTV is installed.

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