Newington pupils make a bumper Harvest Festival donation

Harvest Festival at Newington primary

Pupils and families at Newington Community Primary School in Ramsgate have united to help those less fortunate than themselves.

The school, which supports a range of charities throughout the year, has pulled out all the stops to provide a bumper crop of food for needy families.

At the annual Harvest Festival assembly, Year 6 pupils delivered an informative presentation about supporting those in need, before the stockpile of tinned and dried food was dedicated to Ramsgate Salvation Army Christian charity which will distribute the goods.

During the gathering in the main hall, children learned about what harvest is and why it is important to celebrate it. They also heard how Harvest Festival is celebrated around the world – Festival of Yams in West Africa, Thanksgiving in America, and Harvest Moon Festival in China.

Teacher and charity leader at Newington Hannah Pullman co-ordinated the harvest celebration.

Pupils were also told how some countries are not as fortunate as others, and children at the Botoa Elementary School in Philippines were highlighted.

Miss Pullman visited the Philippines in February 2016 and was involved with the work carried out at the school which is run by a charity that pays for the sponsorship of children to attend school, pays for school supplies and repairs and pays for classrooms.

She said: “On my return from the trip I was asked to become a trustee of the charity.

“Although our Harvest Festival isn’t about donating to this particular charity, I feel it is important for children to understand the advantages they have, particularly at Newington. Later in the school year I hope to have a fundraiser for the charity.”

At the assembly pupils sang well-loved Harvest songs including Conkers, Another Year’s Harvest, See The Farmers, and Cauliflowers Fluffy.

Head Teacher Cliff Stokes praised pupils and families for digging deep to help others. He added: “It was a lovely event, and it once again demonstrated how our Newington community unites to support those in need, and to celebrate how fortunate we are in life.”