Plans for 20mph limit on Margate ‘rat run’ to go out for consultation

Cllr Barry Lewis says New Street is used as a rat run

Plans to impose a 20mph speed limit on roads in Margate will go out to consultation this week.

Kent County Council plans to bring in the limit on New Street, New Cross Street, Mansion Street, Fort Road, Alkali Row and Cobbs Place following a request earlier this year from county councillor Barry Lewis.

Cllr Lewis has been campaigning for the lower limit in New Street particularly since being elected last year.

The road, which runs between Hawley Street and the High Street, is often used as a rat run and residents say there have been several near-miss accidents.

Some surrounding roads, including the High Street, already have a 20mph limit.

Cllr Lewis said: “There is no pavement on that road and the rest of the area does have a 20mph limit. New Street has been used as a rat run so this speed limit will hopefully improve the quality of life for the shop owners in the street and their customers.

“The road has always been dangerous for pedestrians so the speed limit should negate further problems. I am delighted my suggestion has been taken up by Kent County Council.”

Cllr Lewis said the consultation will open on October 5, and will be advertised on KCC’s website, and will run until October 29.


  1. Good stuff Barry Lewis.The last word on transport shouldn’t be by cars, pedestrians, cyclists, buggy users have the right for safe passage on our roads. Doug and Moira Bush of Thanet Cycle Forum have been pushing for 20’s Plenty zones for years.

    • Ian is right, I was a member of the Thanet Cycle Forum for many years, and we used to have KCC Road Traffic Planners attend, until about 2008, when the budget was cut by about 50%. We all tried to get 20’s Plenty adopted not just in side roads, but throughout Thanet, as its proven to reduce accidents, specially to children. I am half way into my eighth decade and still ride a bike, despite having a near death experience every half hour! There are parts of Thanet I would not recommend a child use, even where there is a cycle path!

  2. Its a great idea and l would like to see MARGATE High street closed permanently,also all small roads and side roads should be 20 mile speed limit ,the biggest but is who is going to police it ,speed limits are fine if action is taken ,Margate needs proper calming systems in place and not ramps .the whole of thanet needs calming system in place.

  3. My only experience of speeding along this road has been of certain takeaway drivers rushing to their next drop.

  4. How about restricting hgv’s on crescent road in birchington? My vehicle has been damaged four times now I also know that almost every crescent Rd resident has sustained damage to their cars. Complants to the council have fallen on deaf ears or have been answered as nobody else has complained. As for 20mph don’t work in London mass chaos and won’t work here but common sense says on roads without pavements 20mph should be 15mph.

  5. Arthur Road in Cliftonville has been a rat-run from Northdown Road into Ethelbert Crescent via Dalby Square for donkey’s years and all demands for 20mph limits on safety grounds have fallen on deaf ears. Dalby Square has a childrens play area in the park with cars all parked around it where the pavement used to exist. Children are running back n forth across from in-between those cars out in front of vehicles speeding through oblivious as all the signs have faded over the years. KCC Highways, come on down and see for yourselves !

    • For Kent Resident. Might be a good time to try again in Cliftonville. Happy to help if I can!

  6. Excellent news, Barry. Great to see more streets in Kent being made safer for pedestrians and cyclists.

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