A community dog park is opening in Birchington

The park opens behind Quex Livery on Sunday

A community dog park, which can be hired for groups or as a safe space for less friendly pets, will open on Sunday (September 9).

The dog park, which is a safe, enclosed area, is based behind Quex Livery at Birchington’s Quex Park and will be run by The Muttley Crew Family.

The opening will feature  stalls, dog accessories, raw foods, dog treats, glitter tattoos, sand art, refreshments, ice cream, local rescues, behaviour services and much more.

All are welcome but dogs must be kept on a lead at all times.

Vicki Stanley, from The Muttley Crew Family, said: “ The community dog park is a safe, enclosed area to be hired by the public for all dogs to use for socialisation, play or training. It can be used for those that have bad recall or just want a safe place to play with other sociable dogs. It can also be hired out for single use for aggressive non-dog friendly dogs.”

Meet The Muttley Crew Family team and find out about their new venture at the event which will run from 1pm to 6pm and is free admission.

Find The Muttley Crew Family on facebook here

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  1. This is a really good idea. In fact, local authorities should provide “dogs and human handlers only” parks. As a place for dogs to run and play (and, yes, do “their business”) in an area that other humans can avoid so that the disturbance and mess can be isolated. I speak as a regular , happy dog-walker. But I know that even the well-trained dog that I look after, will sometimes “lose it” when faced by an unexpected bicycle or noisy machine. Of course, if sufficient “dog parks” are provided, it would then be acceptable to ban dogs from other areas, which might well be appealing to non dog -owners.

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