Success for Coastal Striders running group’s Ramsgate jog and litter pick

Coastal Striders have this plogging lark in the bag

Members of Thanet’s Coastal Striders running group have cleaned up in Ramsgate – literally.

The group jogged and picked litter on their route, starting at the boating pool on Royal Esplanade, last Wednesday.

The pick took place during the group’s all-ability session, which welcomed runners and their youngsters -supervised -who wanted to do their bit for the environment.

They managed to collected some 15 bags – filling more than half a large dumpster!

A spokesman for the running group said: “We want to say thank you so much to everybody that came and helped. It was fantastic to have the children involved on a one-off and it really was a great community atmosphere. It felt really good to give something back to the area we run in.”

The Coastal Striders group is a non-profit running club that welcomes all ages and abilities from the age of 11 years and up, including those that are just starting out on their journey to improved health and fitness.


The Granville Cinema, Ramsgate, CT11 8DG
6-7pm – Intermediate; A slow pace for runners only.

The Boating Pool, Ramsgate, CT11 0HE
6-7pm – Advanced runners (5+ miles)
7-8pm – All abilities; run/walk.

The Boating Pool, Ramsgate, CT11 0HE
8-9am – Advanced runners (5+ miles)
9-10am – Advanced runners (5+ miles)
10-11am – All abilities; run/walk.

Find out more about the group on the facebook page by clicking here