The reason nine cheeky ‘megastars’ have been skinny-dipping at the Western Undercliff

A flash of inspiration for these Ramsgate ladies as they spell out Megastar!

Visitors to the Western Undercliff today (August 17) might have got a cheeky glimpse of these nine ‘megastars’ taking a skinny dip into the sea.

Members of the Addington Street Community and Western Undercliff regeneration group, aged 40-70, donned nothing more than a sun hat each in their bid to promote next month’s fair and a fundraiser to buy the former café and toilets on the artificial beach.

The group’s first shot is an anagram. Check further down to see the word in its original order.

It is a second ‘bare bum’ outing for the Addington Street Fair organisers who posed last year to create Ramsgate’s imitation of Turner Contemporary’s Anthony Gormley statue – dubbing it the Antonia Gormless installation.

The images are to be used on postcards, mugs and T Shirts to raise funds for both causes.

Did you guess the Ramsgate anagram?

The return of the ‘Antonias’ marks the upcoming annual Addington Street Revival Fair, which takes place on Sunday, September 2.

The event will include stalls, food and drink, live music, a fabulous dog show, vintage cars and bikes, Bettina doing Kundalini Yoga and a Pop Uo String Quartet In Vale Square.

There will also be a dressing up tent and You’ve Been Framed in Nelson Crescent. On Spencer Square Jazz chanteuse Sabina Desir will be accompanied by Roger Alexander.

Addington Street fair

In Addington Street there will be music from local band Minus Barbie and, new to the fair, Looping the Loop street entertainers, Hurdy Gurdy players Steve Tyler and Katy Marchant will also be attending.

The fair runs from 10am to 5pm.

The campaign to raise funds to buy the Western Undercliff café and toilets hopes to raise £6,000.

The plan is part of a bid by The Hideaway  – made up of members from the Western Undercliff Regeneration group – to buy the former café and toilets from Thanet council as a community asset.

Undercliff Cafe.

The toilets and café have been shut since the property was severely damaged in October 2014 as the result of the failure of the main Southern Water sewer.  Following the clearance of contaminated waste from the site it was found that the foundation slab of the property had been fractured, damaging the structure of the building.

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