Man arrested following cannabis plants discovery in Westgate

Plants discovered

Cannabis plants have been uncovered at a property on the Westgate stretch of the Canterbury Road.

A police presence has been at the scene for almost two days. Officers currently remain at the property.

A 51-year-old man from Westgate was arrested on Tuesday (August 14) following the discovery and has since been released on bail until Wednesday, September 5.

Enquiries are ongoing.

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  1. What annoyed me was the time southern water took to repair the leak in Westgate near the Cinema. Having repaired it, now there is a considerable dip in the road surface where the water leak was located.
    In Sea Road Westgate on Sea, nearly opposite the Pavilion, there is a building site. There has been construction of a new building and refurbishment of another, which to my knowledge had been going on for about four years. Nearly every week day a bonfire has been burning lit by a workman, some of it smells quite toxit. I live quite close to this site. On lovely clear mornings, it’s impossible to sit in the garden, open my windows because of this awful smell of burning of rubbish. Will it ever end?

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