The decorative planters outside Ramsgate’s A La Turka restaurant have been removed

The planters have been removed

A La Turka restaurant on Ramsgate seafront has removed decorative planters from the front of the premises after pressure from Kent County Council.

Owner Mehmet Dari was told to remove the flower displays by today (August 14) because the county council said they were causing an obstruction.

Mr Dari told The Isle of Thanet News last week: “The planters are not for us, they are for the area and our customers to make it look pretty. Flowers aren’t harming anyone. We have the same on Herne Bay and it looks stunning.

The planters

“We want Ramsgate to look nice and to help people enjoy themselves and bring money into the local economy, doesn’t the council want this?”

But the county council said paths and roads have to be kept clear.

A spokesman added:  “KCC has rules about items, such as planters and A-boards, being displayed on public pavements and a 2 metre minimum of unobstructed footway is required for busy areas.”

And they’re gone

Mr Dari and his team have now removed the planters. He said: “Sadly the flower have been removed. The before and after photos show how much the flowers improved the area. We are only trying to improve Ramsgate.”

The restaurant is due to open on September 3.

A petition has now been launched in a bid to get the planters reinstated. Find it here

Find the A La Turka Ramsgate page here


  1. Good. Perhaps now the owner will be made to remove the illegally placed extractor hoods on land belonging to the house owners in Kent Terrace as well? Disgusting behaviour. What a way to ingratiate yourself with your new local community. Disgraceful. Really hope this business fails and moves on soon.

  2. But not the A boards outside the arcade a bit further along (see last photo). Also you can barely move along the pavement adjacent to the old Miles bar and others in that stretch! KCC don’t bother policing this in any other street in any other town in the county, but want to make a big deal out of it here… Me smells a rat (probably a Wetherspoon one that is nervous of the competition…)

  3. Can’t have plants on a path but it’s ok for moronic drivers to do so about time the council got to grips with illegal parking

  4. It wasn’t to make it look better….it was to extend their presence and they didn’t even have the respect to ask. I also find their welcome signs on the London Road roundabout obnoxious. I won’t be going to the restaurant.

  5. I hope the council now tells the establishments along Harbour Parade to clear the pavement there. Not that I ever want to sit outside one of them, in close proximity to a parked car…

  6. i cant believe how narrow minded and disgusting ramsgate people are. a business is setting up and trying to bring jobs and good food to the area but yet again the locals push it away. time and time again the locals ruin things like this and make out its the end of the world. no wonder people hate living here!!!

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