Birchington Neighbourhood Plan group say village needs more toilets and better play areas and cycle paths

A neighbourhood plan for Birchington

Members of Birchington Parish Council’s Neighbourhood Planning Group have laid out proposals for protecting and improving the village over the next decade.

The group  is working  to look at areas of the village affected by Thanet’s Draft Local Plan and how quality of life can be maintained.

The group say Birchington needs more recreational space, green corridors and better cycle paths.

Improved play facilities, particularly for the under-fives, but also for older age groups in the form of a skateboard park, are also recommended.

Green space at Dog Acre

The group says existing recreational grounds need to be protected and developed to enhance their use, unless replaced with better local sporting facilities such as a comprehensive leisure centre.

The group say additional resources are needed to support the Birchington Sea Shelters group in their mission to renovate and repair nine of the structures and more toilet and changing facilities, particularly at the eastern end of Minnis Bay, are needed to cater for locals and the growing number of tourists.

Provision of more allotments is suggested although suitable land has not been identified so far.

A spokesman for the neighbourhood plan group said: “Birchington is a distinct and thriving community with education, health, social and leisure facilities which contribute greatly to the local quality of life.

“The parish is well-loved and has maintained its strong social core and is extremely active with community clubs, associations and societies, covering a wide range of interests and activities across all age groups.

“Though most leisure activities take place in the village, the parish as a whole has much to offer and serves as a centre for a much wider rural catchment area. Through the safeguarding of local community facilities and services and encourage the provision of new services the Neighbourhood Plan aims to strengthen Birchington as a vibrant community serving the needs of all sections of the community and visitors.”

Minnis Bay Photo Dean Spinks

Thanet’s Draft Local Plan –which runs until 2031 –sets out how much development is needed to support the future population and economy. Allocating land through the plan is designed to give the council greater control over where and what type of developments can take place.

Birchington is earmarked as a strategic housing site. An extra 600 houses have been allocated towards the end of the draft plan period after the provision for 2,500 homes at the Manston airport site was removed last month.

The homes are in addition to 1,100 originally proposed and several submissions for allocation put forward this year which will more than double that figure.

Neighbourhood plan meetings are held at The Centre on the first Monday of every month except bank holidays at 7pm, all welcome.  If you would like to become a neighbourhood plan volunteer please contact the Clerk, [email protected]


  1. Those councillors who voted down the local plan for Thanet have consigned Birchington, Minster, Westgate, Hartsdown and Westwood to 2,500 houses. Shame on the Tories.

    • Those 2500 houses will be pushed to the back end of the local plan .
      I agree with Cllr Peter Evans .I doubt they will ever be built .
      What will be important is the road infrastructure is met with any development .
      Also the important issue is for residents to have their say on the local plan .
      Past comments do not count

  2. The local plan has to be based on fact. As the government seems poised to intervene, it is likely that the foolish decision made by the council will be overturned.

  3. Why our local TDC councillors voted for more houses in Birchington ,the villages and Westgate on Sea beats me . Councillor Sam Bambridge and Carol Messenger you have a lot to answer for . Perhaps you would like to tell the residents why you voted against what they wanted .

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