Ramsgate’s ‘oldest house’ has been targeted by vandals

The pretty flint house now has numerous broken windows

A property which is thought to be the oldest house in Ramsgate has been targeted by vandals.

The flint home tucked away in Queen’s Court, by the Cavendish Street car park and toilets, is thought to have been built around 1680.

The pretty two storey property was Grade II listed in 1969.

But the house, owned by two separate residents, has had the trellis ripped up and more than 40 small, leaded window panes smashed by yobs.

The distraught owner of the ground floor of the property says she may have to leave the building to crumble if Thanet council and Kent Police are unable to help her.

Retired nurse Amanda Moy lives in London but has frequently stayed in Ramsgate after buying the property 12 years ago.

Due to an injury she had been unable to visit since May but when she came down with her partner on July 17 the 53-year-old was horrified by the destruction she found.

She said: “The back gate has been broken, the trellis has been ripped to the floor and there are 22 smashed panes of glass on my property and 21 on the upstairs.

“There are bricks all over the floor, they just totally vandalised the place. I was already due to meet a PCSO about the problems here so left it untouched for him to see.

“The car park area is used by street drinkers and gangs of feral kids. It makes life unbearable, when I have my grandchildren here and they use the paddling pool in the garden all you can hear is screaming, swearing and fighting in the car park and then there are kids throwing bricks.”

Amanda has written to Kent Police and Thanet council appealing for the benches by the car park to be removed, the installation of CCTV and officer patrols. She has also discussed the issue with ward councillor Bev Martin.

She says if nothing can be done to stop the antisocial behaviour and vandalism attacks on her home she may have to abandon the property.

She said: “Something needs to be done, these people just seem to get away with it all the time. They need to get rid of the benches, lock the toilets at night and put up a CCTV camera.

“Every morning there are drinkers asleep there and cans, bottles and rubbish all over the place.

“Ramsgate is such a lovely town and most of the people are lovely but this is just shocking, and living in London I am no stranger to crime and violence.

“I have put a lot of time and money into the house and garden so that is is lovely but now it looks like it is in a war zone. If nothing is done I may as well just give up on it. Selling it would be hard, if I could sell it, or I may have to leave it to crumble.”

Kent Police confirmed the vandalism is being investigated.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police received a report of criminal damage to a property in Queen’s Court, Ramsgate, at some point between 1 May and 17 July 2018.

It was reported that rocks had been used to break windows at the back of the address, and that garden trellises had also been damaged.

Anyone with information can call 01843 222289 quoting reference ZY/42104/18.”

Photo Trevor Shonk

The house is now also within a newly approved PSPO (Public Space Protection Order) area which aims to give greater powers to police and enforcement officers to tackle antisocial behaviour.

The three-year orders, approved by Thanet council Cabinet members on July 26 cover Margate Central and Central Harbour in Ramsgate and parts of Eastcliff in Ramsgate and Cliftonville West.

These wards have the highest rate of antisocial behaviour reports in the district accounting for more than half – 53% – of all complaints.

Action against offenders can include Fixed Penalty Notices for £80. The site has previously been within areas covered by 48 hour dispersal orders brought in last year following hundreds of complaints over vandalism, threats intimidation, drug dealing and nuisance behaviour.


  1. A very depressing story. yet the Police statement indicates that there are adequate extra powers available to deal with these problems by dispersing the offenders , and being able to take more action if they come back. But the missing factor is the level of policing. We now have 20,000 fewer police officers available than when Labour was last in power. There just aren’t enough officers on the spot to enforce the laws that have been passed. Until we start to return to the level of policing available under Labour, we can expect the criminals to feel more and more invulnerable.

  2. Put the taxes up. Use some of the money to employ more police. Reopen the police station in Ramsgate 24×7.
    A PSPO is useless without people to enforce it. £80 fines only work if people have money to pay those fines.
    I would urge people to report antisocial activity, but to whom? It would be an abuse to call 999; 101 just leaves you hanging listening to repeated messages advising you to report stuff on line.
    Can the powers- that-be set up some sort of dedicated hot line to report (and respond to) anti social behaviour in the town?

  3. Such a sad story. It’s horrible around that car park. If I have to park there ( if there’s nowhere else available) there’s always gangs of kids/adults who are drinking/smoking cannabis etc. It’s quite intimidating. Ramsgate is getting worse and worse, it’s so filthy and some people just spoil it. You never see any police about and everywhere you go there’s drunks and druggies. It’s disgusting, especially with the amount of council tax we pay, it’s more expensive than Broadstairs.

  4. While the Tories are in power, things won’t get better. They don’t want to fund policing, health services, education, social housing or public transport. They don’t want to put up the taxes.

    Meanwhile life is so desperate for some that an increasing number of the population tries to dull the pain by becoming “drunks and druggies”.

  5. Police need to target these areas and reported times and not just wandering about in two’s during the day.never seen them walking about at night only tucked away in cars.

  6. This is absolutely awful. The short-sighted ignorance of these youths is expected but TDC, RTC, police not dealing with this sooner is despicable. A building from 1680 and they do nothing to protect and secure it by keeping that area cleared of bored delinquents is shameful. Shame on you.

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