County council to start eviction process against Travellers’ group at Cliffsend

It is thought one vehicle may have broken down

Kent County Council says it will begin the legal process for eviction on Monday after a group of Travellers moved onto land by the Hengist Way underpass and Cottingham Link Road in Cliffsend.

The group, with around 10 vehicles, arrived yesterday (July 26) although it is thought one vehicle on the link road may have broken down.

This means the number of unauthorised encampments on the isle this year now exceeds 30- if the stop has been planned and not caused by the broken down vehicle. In 2013 Thanet council dealt with two incursions.

A Kent County Council spokesman said: “We were notified this morning and we will be starting the process for eviction on Monday.”

The process involves visiting the site to establish the extent of the encampment, make records of the number of caravans, tents or persons, complete required welfare checks, make records of vehicle registration plates and take photographs where necessary.  Welfare checks are required by law and any welfare concerns are escalated to the relevant support agencies or departments.

If no concerns for welfare are raised or can not be evidenced, a Notice is served detailing an imminent departure time.

If the encampment remains past the time detailed on the Notice, a court hearing is requested to ask for an order for removal.

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  1. The process is too long, a fast track system & obstacles are needed. Just look at the numbers, this is looks like its targeting. Find out what attracts & discourages this & act accordingly.

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