Car import deliveries expected to take place at Ramsgate Port

Car imports at Ramsgate Port Photo TDC

Regular car import deliveries are expected to take place at Ramsgate from next week.

It is believed the deliveries will again be through transport and logistics company GEFCO UK Ltd which previously had a deal with Thanet council for use of the port between January 2016-January 2017.

The imports are due to start with the first delivery at 7am on Monday (July 23)  and further arrivals on July 25,27 and 29. There is then expected to be one delivery per week until September.

GEFCO delivery in 2016 Photo TDC

The last import delivery to Ramsgate was in February when cargo ship the Ciudad De Cadiz unloaded a cargo of 700 vehicles in a one-off stop due to there being no space for her at Felixstowe.

Gefco operates at 18 UK sites, including Sheerness. The company imports and distributes some 500,000 vehicles annually through UK ports for several major vehicle manufacturers.

Ramsgate Harbour has a history of car importation going back to the 1960s which was continued when the port was constructed in the early 1980s.

Thanet council has been asked for details of the latest shipments.


  1. Good !!
    Let’s hope this can evolve into a regular long term Enterprise….Much as it was when Volkswagen were using the facilities, and the storage at Sandwich/ Richborough …

  2. Yes – excellent news – let us hope it continues.

    I am sure we will continue to import cars after March of next year – rather than the earth ceasing to rotate on it’s axis when we leave the EU as some predict ! ! !

  3. About time we got a new ferry service , it would be much in demand what with Brexit.
    Aparently there could of been at least 3 chances of a ferry Service starting , but the TDC kept moving the goal posts, and companies just walking away.
    Ferry service would bring in much needed tourism to Thanet and the Southe East , people spending actual money , buying local , staying in local hotels , shopping in local shops , more jobs.

  4. This could be a sign of businesses seeing potential in ports other than Dover. With Brexit leading to yet more red-tape and paperwork, Dover will slow to a stop regularly. But both Ramsgate and Folkestone could spread the load so the motorways don’t get used as lorry parks quite so much. It’s a pity that more cars are going to be imported because Brexit will also lead to car plant closures in the UK.

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