One hundred people turn out for Margate anti-Brexit party

The anti-Brexit party Photo Sarah Wyld

Around 100 people turned out for an anti-Brexit party on Margate main sands on Saturday.

The event, organised by Arlington House tenant Rob Yates, was endorsed by 8 Kent Pro-EU action groups.

The windfarm worker hit the headlines earlier this year when he was threatened with eviction from his Margate flat for putting a Brexit protest banner in the window.

Mr Yates was told by building leaseholder Freshwater to remove a BLOCKBREX.IT​ sign from the window of his Arlington House flat.

Some of his Arlington neighbours showed their support for Mr Yates on Saturday by hanging some 60 flags in the tower block’s windows as an expression of solidarity.

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The We Are Not Leaving EU Beach Party took place opposite The Sun Deck beach side bar and Bus Café.

A number of family fun activities were included.


  1. Surely the headline should read, “40,000 people in Margate fail to turn up to anti-Brexit party” ?

  2. If it was so obvious that “Brexit” was going to be a success, ambitious politicians would be backing it to the hilt. Instead, Theresa May and most of her government, have been forced to look reality in the face and are, right now, backtracking and fudging the whole issue to try to “manage the damage”.
    Many Brexit voters were always going to be disappointed because they voted for a fantasy of an independent country in an interdependent world. Only North Korea has managed that! The party-goers on the beach were not the only ones trying to avoid going over an economic precipice. The British Tory government, in its shambolic way, is trying to do the same!

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