Travellers have left the car park at the rear of Dreamland

The group has now quit the site

A Travellers’ group that had set up at the council-owned car park at the rear of Dreamland quit the site today (July 1).

The group moved on to the site on June 28, making the 26th unauthorised encampment in Thanet this year.

There have been calls for action – such as barriers or ditches –  from residents in Dane Valley and those living close to Jackey Bakers following the increased number of incursions this year.

There have also been suggestions that Thanet council should provide an authorised site similar to those in Canterbury and Aylesham.

A ‘position statement’ created by Thanet council reveals the authority is looking to target open spaces in order to make access difficult for those trying to use land to camp on.

The statement says: “We will be focussing on those areas that see regular encampments such as Jackey Bakers Recreational Ground. Tactics will include, but not be limited to options, such as bund mounds and tamper proof chains and padlocks.”

County councillor Karen Constantine has called for an authorised site to be provided on the isle.