Plans for 120-bed ‘lifestyle’ hotel at Dreamland to be revealed

Hotel plans for 'Godden's Gap'

A proposal for a 120-bed ‘lifestyle’ hotel at Dreamland will be one of the regeneration plans to be shared at a series of community drop in events next month (July).

Margate Estates, which is now the name of the parent company for Dreamland, has organised the events to provide residents with an update on its £50 million investment in Dreamland in November 2017. They will also introduce the new team and share proposals for the lifestyle hotel which is planned for the ‘Godden’s Gap’ site on Margate seafront where an amusement arcade once stood.

The four-storey arcade and neighbouring buildings burnt to the ground in 2003. Some 120 firefighters tackled the blaze at its height.

The Boutique & Lifestyle Lodging Association (BLLA) defines a lifestyle hotel as: “borrowing the best elements of boutiques – small, intimate and modern – and throwing in advantages only a chain can offer, like loyalty perks, consistency and economies of scale. As a result, lifestyle hotels are generally more affordable and accessible than boutiques,”

Margate Estates is the resulting company after Dreamland investor Arrowgrass Capital Partners bought out the shares of former park operator Sands Heritage Ltd.

The £50million Arrowgrass investment in the site included bringing the company out of administration, relandscaping the park, rebuilding the management team and creating new music and wedding event spaces.

New rides are also being installed, with a total of nine planned to be in place by the Summer holidays.

Families on Dreamland’s new Seagull ride

A spokesman for Margate Estates said: “Margate Estates are keen to discuss the role we can play in supporting the wider culture-led regeneration that is helping to revive Margate.

“Part of the event will be an opportunity to look at proposals for a branded lifestyle hotel, comprising around 120 beds, which will create more jobs locally and help address the shortage of hotel beds in the town.

“Margate Estates believes that the town has unique appeal, one that provides enormous opportunities. By working with others that are committed to this creative resurgence, we aim to build Dreamland into a world-class entertainment venue and provide workspace and facilities for creative industries to thrive.

“We want to continue to work closely with Thanet District Council and other partners on a vision for Dreamland and the area around it.”

More details of the events will be announced next week.


  1. If TDC planning and residents agree to this fantastic proposal for the present eyesore. Please do not allow residents the privilege to name the building.”Jimmies Folly”

  2. It’s been over 15 years since Godden’s gap was created. His name a legacy he left for Thanet through a number of mysterious fires within his businesses which were destroyed forever and derelict land left for decades in the wake. Why TDC never made sure this premises was rebuilt ASAP, as they had promised just after the fire, is another mystery yet to be solved.

    It will be a day of celebration when the gap is finally filled, and a hotel would suit the location just fine.

  3. Let’s hope TDC can full steam ahead on the project, good for the beach area and good economics for MARGATE, Please don’t let it gather cobwebs and be out of date before it starts

  4. Margate Estates was the original company run by the Iles family that made
    Dreamland and Margate such a centre of holiday wonderment for decades. They also developed world famous entertainment parks in other countries.
    Let’s hope the new company gets the support for the new ventures, that promise to really put Margate back on the international maap where it belongs to be. Such a great resort location.

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