Fire crews free woman trapped in car in Ramsgate crash

Emergency services

Two fire engines and an ambulance have attended the scene of a crash in Ramsgate today (June 15).

Firefighters helped to release an elderly woman who was trapped in a car following  the crash in Hereson Road, just after 1pm.

The woman was passed in to the care of  South East Coast Ambulance service. Paramedics assessed and treated her at the scene before taking the woman to William Harvey Hospital suffering from chest pain.

Part of the road was closed.

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police was called at 1pm  following reports of a collision involving two vehicles.

“SECAMB and Kent Fire and Rescue Service attended the scene as one person was trapped in the vehicle.  They have been taken to a local hospital.

“The road was re-opened at 2.30pm.”


  1. I agree. “Local” means “relating to one’s neighbourhood”. The William Harvey might be local to some people living in Ashford, but it’s not local to people in Ramsgate, an hour away by car and much longer by public transport.

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