Westwood Mattressman store to close

Mattressman will close in July

The Mattressman store at The Link retail park in Westwood  will shut by July 2 as one of 14 closures across the country.

The bed and bedrom furniture business has entered a company voluntary arrangement which will mean shops in East Anglia and the Midlands remain safe but those in other areas of the country will close down with the loss of some 130 jobs nationwide.

The restructuring agreement will mean the company can continue trading but on a smaller scale.

The process is being overseen by insolvency specialists McTear Williams and Wood.

The company will continue to trade and has said all outstanding orders should be fulfilled but where it is not possible customers will receive their money back.

The firm said the decision has been made due to a slump in sales.

A spokesman added: “Having battled struggling sales in the current retail climate the company’s recovery plan includes reducing its store portfolio from 25 to 11.

“Mattressman has encountered numerous issues in the last 12 months culminating in a shock 15% like for like drop in sales in April and May which turned a profit of £1.1m in 2017 to a loss of £2.6m in the financial year ended March 21,2018.

“Mattressman thanks every employee for their service and dedication before and during these difficult times.”


  1. The business rates and parking fees of the in town shops are sending many businesses to ruin. The greedy government and our councils grab-all-give-nothing back policy’s are a main cause. We went over to the Turner Centre parked along the harbour arm. There was no number on the parking meter so I could not pay via my phone RINGO, we had no loose change to pay the £2 for ONE HOUR. The area around the Turner has been taken over by the RNLI .
    If the management of the Turner and TDC do not want the Turner to have the same fate as our local closing down shops I suggest that they sort out the parking around the gallery. In frustration we never went in we drove away.
    Disgusted as to how all that money could spent on building the Turner only for the council to make it as difficult as possible to visit.

  2. Re the parking at the Turner, there has only ever been Disabled parking since the gallery opened.. The Lifeboat Crew Parking is next to the Boathouse, as it’s been for over 40 years .
    TDC did not decide the parking…The land is owned by KCC…Parking on the Harbour Arm is available, there are car parks at the Cottage, and Colkege square, Plus Dreamlsnd and Mill Lane, & Trinity Square…
    The LifeBoat Parking has no connection to business such as Mattressman at WWX closing down. I fail to see the connection. ?

  3. The life boat station has far too much allocated to It for parking. They never used to have that amount of parking. The other car parks are too far away to visit the Turner centre. The whole of the Turner gallery is surrounded by yellow lines, utter madness the Turner center is supposed to be a major attraction. The life boat station is in the most ridiculous place possible. All that area should be for parking to visit thr Turner.

    • In what way are the Cottage and Dreamland ”too far away” to visit the TC? Can’t be more than a couple or 3 minutes walk from either…

  4. There is plenty of parking very close to the Turner. College Square, massive car park under Morrison’s and even Dreamland is only a 10 minute walk tops.

  5. I understand what the lady is saying though. Parking close by the Turner Centre is very limited with just about 8 spaces which are reserved for Blue Badge holders. Not a lot of parking for a major attraction. Yes other car parks are in town but it means a long walk for people with limited abilities.
    Maybe the area on the prom at the other side of the Lifeboat station is available for parking, I’m not sure, but that would mean driving down to the back of the Winter gardens from Fort hill and along the promenade.

  6. I have the greatest respect for the life boat service and those brave Men and Women who risk their lives saving other’s
    Be in no doubt about that. The life boat station should be on its own gantry alongside the harbour arm not tucked away at the back of the Turner gallery. I don’t know how long it takes to launch the life boat but it will be in the water a lot sooner if it was nearer the water that’s for sure. The Turner gallery has the ‘pull factor’ whilst TDC and KCC have the push factor, that is pushing visitors away from the Town by rip off parking charging and not allowing parking at the Turner gallery. With that mentality one can well understand why Thanet has always been struggling to be successful.

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