Vandalised Thanet play park equipment to cost £1,000 to repair

Vandalised play equipment Photo Nathan Coade

Play equipment vandalised at Northdown Park will cost Thanet council some £1,000 to repair.

Swings at Birchington Rec and a seesaw at Northdown were both targeted by yobs this month.

The new seesaw was ripped out of the ground and left on the ground of the play area.

Nathan Coade, from Ramsgate, reported the damage after taking his nephew to the park and being shocked by the dangerous state it was left in.

The 33-year-old said: “It was so dangerous, there were kids everywhere and this massive spring protruding out the ground.

“I tried to cover it the best I could.”

Photo Nathan Coade

Thanet council workmen have removed the equipment but say there is a ten week wait for a replacement part.

A council spokesman said: “It is disappointing that play equipment in the district has been vandalised again. We were able to make repairs to the swings at Birchington, however, the equipment at Northdown Park requires a replacement springer.

“The supplier has estimated a ten week wait for the part and the equipment can’t be used in the meantime.

The total cost of repairs is estimated to be just under £1,000.”


  1. Large group of teenage yobs continuously vandalising public toilet area in Ramsgate and nearby listed cottage. Broken windows, litter strewn everywhere and toilet roll hanging in trees. The place is a shameful mess and youths are left to get away with it. It’s a daily occurrence.

  2. 1: We are bored and need something to do
    2: Here’s some things for the park, we had to use the money from elsewhere but you kids deserve it
    3: Kids smash it up
    4: Goto 1

    It’s the circle of the kids life

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