Charles Dickens executive head teacher says school stepped in to help alleged assault victim

The Charles Dickens School Photo Ian Driver

The families of students at The Charles Dickens School in Broadstairs have been sent a letter today (June 12) to clarify the circumstances of a reported assault yesterday.

Police were called to the incident outside the school just before 3pm. No injuries were reported.

School executive head Kirstin Cardus has now written to parents and carers to inform them that no Charles Dickens students were involved in the incident.

She states: “The incident took place outside the school and during school time therefore no student at The Charles Dickens School was involved or in any danger.

“The incident did not involve a need for an ambulance or first aider. No-one was actually hurt.

“The member of the public that was allegedly attacked was brought onto the school site for their own safety and the police were called. The school was being a good citizen and helping the local community.

“The police are dealing with this matter.

“Students had every opportunity to leave the site and go home safely. Some chose to stay around in groups.  If they did this, then this was intimidating to others and unhelpful to the school and local community. These students were not violent – they were just hanging around.

“Even so, this was not acceptable behaviour and falls below the standards we expect from The Charles Dickens School community.  These students will be dealt with by school policy which allows the school to use its powers beyond the school gates.”

Kent Police said: “there was no confirmed sighting of a knife,” after speculation that a weapon may have been used.

Police enquiries continue.

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  1. I am so pleased this matter has been cleared up by the school. The Caretaker did assist by bringing the lad onto the school premises. So much scaremongering by so many trying to create a drama for the school which, if they had known the facts could have prevented their loose typing finger. BTW my complaint to New Thanet Chat has resulted me being prevented from commenting on all future posts.

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