Margate RNLI rescue nine people cut off by tide – including bride, groom and photographer

Margate RNLI

Margate RNLI’s inshore lifeboat was launched this afternoon (June 2) after U.K. Coastguard received a report of a bride, groom and photographer cut off by the tide at Kingsgate Bay.

Once on scene the lifeboat ILB lifted the three off the rapidly diminishing beach. The couple were visiting from London and had come down on the first anniversary of their marriage to get some wedding photographs.

All three were landed safely at Kingsgate Bay into the care of Margate Coastguard Rescue Team and, apart from some  damp feet, the carefully bagged wedding dress remained dry. The photography then went ahead in a safer location.

As the ILB left the scene two more people were spotted in the same area by the ILB crew. Two young women had come down the ‘Goat Track ‘and were attempting to wade around the stacks towards the main beach. The ILB was tasked to assess and assist. The young ladies accepted the advice of the crew to return the way they had come, as being far safer.

Further along the beach, cut off from the Goat Track, two more people were spotted, they were collected off the rocks at which point yet another two adults and two children were seen. They too were lifted off the rocks by the ILB making nine people rescued and another two advised.

Fortunately it was a warm, sunny day with no wind and a calm sea, so it was a short and not too uncomfortable trip to Botany Bay where the casualties were handed over into the care of the RNLI Lifeguards and coastguards.

Ian Lowe Deputy Launching Authority Margate Lifeboat, said; “To assist nine persons in such a short time in one area shows how easy it is to get into trouble by the water. It was a lovely day to be at the seaside, but not knowing what the tide will do leading to, an unintended spell in the water can spell disaster.

“The water is still cold, cold water shock can kill the unprepared long before or bring on drowning. Please seek advice before visiting the seaside from the RNLI website and use a lifeguarded beach. Lifeguards know the dangers in the area and will always give advice if asked.”


  1. This is what our LifeBoat Crews volunteer for, Continually Training for any and every eventuality ….There is a great feeling when a “Shout” goes well….
    They are on call 24/7 365…..By choice …There have been mutterings that the Service should charge for their Services…..That is totally against the ethos of the Service..
    Entirely funded ny Voluntary Donations…
    If anyone wishes to donate, Collection boxes are available all around the country …
    All donations are gratefully received, for this excellent charity.

  2. I agree that the RNLI should stay a voluntary institution.
    However, it would be nice to hear that the bride and groom had made a donation to the RNLI; a sizable fraction of the wedding cost would be a nice gesture.

    • No, the bride and groom paid a ‘professional’ to run the shoot – the photographer was the one who should have acted professionally and ensured safety – it is the photographer that should be donating their fee to the RNLI

  3. A walker getting caught out is on thing – but this was a planned photo shoot – the ‘professional’ photographer should have risk assessed and planned.

    I hope he/she will be donating a significant part (if not all) of their fee to the RNLI to compensate what his/her lack of planning has cost.

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