Unexpected ‘addition’ to Margate’s Antony Gormley sculpture

Seeing double! Photo Rachel Davies

An unexpected addition to the Antony Gormley sculpture by Turner Contemporary was caught on camera yesterday (May 27) by a bemused passer-by.

Rachel Davies, who is one half of musician duo jAVA jIVE with partner Anthony Coote, took the photo while the pair were on a stroll along the seafront.

The couple, from Cliftonville, wanted to take a look at the ANOTHER TIME installation at Fulsam Rock but got a double viewing!

Rachel said: “We were just walking by and that’s what we saw. I thought it was fabulous and so took a picture. I have no idea who he is.

“I love anything to do with Anthony Gormley and anyone embracing that is great in my view!”

Anthony added: “We wanted a look at the Anthony Gormley and there was another sculpture!”

The exhibition of the ‘man’ model was due to end in November 2017 but proved so popular  Turner Contemporary extended the stay until November 30 this year.

Find out more about ANOTHER TIME here and check out jAVA jIVE here

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  1. The Gormley statue matches the rubbish normally exhibited at the Turner Contemory. Thankfully the human idiot has now gone and the statue will very soon.

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