Yes – that was a mermaid you spotted at Botany Bay

Helena the Mermaid Photo Michael Grantham

You don’t see a mermaid for…well, ever…and then two come to Thanet in a matter of weeks!

In April the St Ives Mermaid, Cornish hospital receptionist Laura Evans, washed up at Walpole Bay.

The mermaid – who also was spotted at Dreamland but with legs – was  testing out a new tail from Merthology Creations.

And today the American Helena the Mermaid was soaking up the sun at Botany Bay.

Photo Michael Grantham

Mum-of-one Helena lives in Virginia but is spending a few months in the UK.. She uses her mermaid persona to bring the issue of disability to the fore.

She said: “I use mermaiding to bring awareness to disabled people like myself and to encourage them to live out their dreams.

“I was born with a disease called Charcot Marie tooth disease, a very rare neurological disease. It lay dormant most of my life and did not affect me until four years ago when I had my only son then overnight I could not walk.”

Photo Michael Grantham

The 28 year old will be travelling the country to get some very special photographs.

She said: “I came all the way from the United states to take pictures with the White Cliffs and other landmarks around the UK.”

Find Helena the Mermaid on facebook here