Expansion plans for bespoke Ramsgate business The Modern Boulangerie

George Bellamy-Adams plans to expand The Modern Boulangerie

The owner of a Ramsgate wholesale and bespoke boulangerie says he plans to expand the business as it enters its second year.

George Bellamy-Adams, 29, created The Modern Boulangerie in April last year after quitting as head baker at venues in London.

He said: “It had got to a point in my career where there was always going to be a ceiling unless you are a celebrity chef. I got fed up of working for other people and felt I could do things better myself – so I did.

“It is nice being able to do it by myself and even though I am working seven days a week it is rewarding.

“The main concern is if something breaks as it has to come out of my pocket to replace or repair it.”

George specialises in Viennoiserie – which translates as ‘things of Vienna’  and includes croissants, Pain au Chocolat and Pain aux Raisin and also in Beignets, which are French pastries. But he also makes a variety of buns and whatever else takes his fancy.

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He said: ”My highlight is seeing what people think of the products, it’s nice when people say how good they are. I had someone from Paris say they were the best croissants they’d had and that kind of thing makes me want to do it more, it’s very uplifting.

“I love creating new things and seeing what people think of them.”

George set up business on the premises of the Grumpy Goblin gaming store, originally in the High Street and now in Queen Street.

Trade is business to business but personal orders can also be made.

George said: “I supply local cafes, restaurants and hotels but there is also a mail order service for personal customers who can get in touch by email or through social media.”

The first year has been mainly focused on Ramsgate but George is hoping this second year will see the business grow.

He said: “The first year was really about research and development and has been very much in Ramsgate. It has been  good and educational but now this year is about expansion. I would like to cover the whole of Thanet so the business can grow.”

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