From burgers to Full English in a container – The Food Shack launches at the Westcliff

Tyrone Keen has opened The Food Shack

Families visiting the artificial beach at the Westcliff in Ramsgate will be able to get hot food without the climb up to Government Acre with the launch of a new business tomorrow (May 25).

Former Smugglers Retreat kitchen manager Tyrone Keen and wife Katie, from Ramsgate, have sunk £12,000 into new venture, The Food Shack.

Just a couple of weeks ago The Food Shack was nothing more than a horse trailer but Tyrone has completely stripped it and fitted a kitchen and serving area.

The 27-year-old, who moved from Canterbury to Ramsgate six years ago, said: “After I left the Smugglers Retreat I owned a removal company but decided I wanted to go back to food, it’s what I enjoy and what all my qualifications are in. I sold the company and have used the money for The Food Shack.


“Everything will be from local produce and handmade. We will have our specials like burgers and hotdogs but you can also get a full English breakfast in a container with your knife and fork and we will have ice lollies and ice creams.

“I wanted to buy the café (at the Westcliff) but the council told me it was condemned. So many people go down there but there are no facilities, so we thought this would be ideal. We will be there 6 days a week, so it will be regular.”

The Food Shack will be at Royal Harbour Approach (through the tunnel to the artificial beach) and will also serve baguettes and rolls.

Opening times are 7am until 2.30pm every day except Sundays, although if there is demand Tyrone, with help from mum-of-one Katie, will stay for as long as the stock lasts as they are licensed to run as late as 11pm.

Find The Food Shack on facebook here


  1. As their are no toilets and I am disabled and suffer from crohn’s disease,I will have to give it a miss.
    Good luck.

  2. I though it might have been where the other cafe is by the toliets as you walk stright down from grange road roundabout then turn left to go to harbour or right to go towards pegwell

  3. So Cllr please explain why there are no toilet facilities or perhaps that’s the reason why Ramsgate lost its blue flag? Have you ever thought about a Portable Loo facility ??

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