Birchington ward councillor complaint over ‘disgusting and dangerous’ state of village

Cllr Brimm says the village needs a street cleaner

A Birchington ward councillor says litter, overflowing rubbish bins, uncut grass and dangerous paving stones in the village are the worst she has ever seen in more than 23 years as a resident.

Cllr Suzanne Brimm has complained to Thanet District Council and Kent County Council about issues in Station Road.

The mum-of-two says two elderly people have already suffered injuries after falling over uneven slabs and fears a serious injury could have fatal consequences.

Cllr Suzanne Brimm

She said: “Two elderly people have fallen over recently because of the paving slabs and had the ambulance called out.

“As at least a third of Birchington residents are in the retirement age group this issue needs some attention. If someone older falls over they are more likely to suffer serious broken bones and with the possibility of infection may not come home from the hospital. The problem area has the main footfall to access the shops and it is becoming a liability.”

Cllr Brimm is due to meet representative from KCC to discuss the state of the slabs in the main village road.

She has also made a complaint to Thanet council over a lack of street cleaning in the village.

She said: “It is absolutely disgusting and has really gone downhill.

“I fought to get our street cleaner back in Birchington after he was moved to Westgate and it took six months but now he is off for personal reasons and there has been no service. We need to fight again. We have the mechanical sweeper but that just does the kerbs, the pavements are neglected.”

Cllr Brimm says representatives of the village must speak up and get the situation dealt with.

She added: “I have never seen it this bad, there is dog fouling, litter, rubble, broken paving slabs, it’s a mess.”

Thanet district and Kent county councils have been contacted for comment.


  1. It’s worse in Cliftonville West Ward where some main streets haven’t been cleaned for weeks. Only one Council cleaner can be seen from time to time and he just pushes his barrow past and picks up the odd piece with his litter-picker. The place is disgusting.

  2. It’s the same everywhere in Thanet. I live in Ramsgate & have done for 38 yrs since I was 18 & the litter, dog poo & graffiti strewn streets are the very worst they have ever been, the whole system needs a kick up the jacksy.

  3. everywhere in Thanet is disgusting drive around and wherever you go there is litter gutters full of stones left over from virgin, roads are dangerous to drive even when the potholes are filled, leaves on pavements from last autumn, condition of pavements are appalling all in all Thanet is a mess. So TDC get something done!!!!!

    • It is not Councillors or Council employees who make Ramsgate, where I live, a contender for dirtiest town in the country. It’s the people who live here. There are some parts of town where the residents simply chuck their household rubbish into the street. Our lovely seafront walks and parks are just used as dogs’ lavatories.

  4. Birchington is fine over exaggerating about the pavements and litter, this person has always got some vendetta against someone if it’s not Virgin Media, it’s KCC, or Miles and Barr, or the Travelling community, always on a mission to make herself look good and everyone else look bad

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