Emergency services called to Hereson Road

Photo Secamb

Emergency services were called to a crash in Ramsgate this morning (May 17).

The incident involving two cars and a pedestrian on a crossing took place on Hereson Road just past the Tesco Metro.

Two police cars and an ambulance attended..

A Kent Police spokesman said: “Kent Police received a report of a collision involving two vehicles and a pedestrian at 10.03am.

“Officers and Secamb are currently attending the scene in Hereson Road, Ramsgate.”

It is understood a car hit the vehicle in front which had stopped at the crossing.

A Secamb spokesman said a total of four people were treated at the scene but none required hospital treatment.

The road is passable but officers are still getting glass from a smashed back windscreen cleared.


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  1. The crossing outside Tesco’s in Hereson Road is a potential death trap. People shopping at Tesco’s ignore the zigzag markings on the approaches to the crossing, and park where they like.
    It’s only a matter of time before there’s a tragedy.

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