Stolen motorbike and mopeds recovered by police in Millmead

Recovered in Millmead Photo Kent Police

Motorbikes and mopeds, believed to be stolen, have been recovered by police on patrol in Margate.

Following more than 25 recent reports of moped thefts across the district, officers from the Thanet Community Policing Team were on patrol in the Millmead area of Margate during the afternoon of Thursday 10 May carrying out stop-checks of vehicles.

Three people ran away from officers when approached, leaving a motorbike behind.

Following a search of the nearby woodland, another two vehicles were recovered by officers.

Two of the vehicles were confirmed as reported stolen, from Harold Road on 8 May and from Ramsgate Road on 10 May, and their owners have been informed. Enquiries are ongoing to identify the owner of the third bike.

A 17-year-old boy from Margate was arrested on suspicion of stealing a vehicle. He was released pending further investigation.


  1. well well, its not as if the police were not aware. they have had reports nearly every day of this, even a garage where a stolen bike was found inside. Did they turn up… NOOOOOOOOOO.

  2. We lost a moped that was stolen in Cliftonville in April and another bike last summer, both reported but never heard anything again.

  3. That’s because police are shit they spend most of there time in takeaways and wasting time pulling people over for pointless reasons instead of doing a proper job of real investigating

  4. Like every other public sector entity the Police, like Education and the NHS have been subject to year on year “efficiency savings” aka CUTS and re-organisations. The next time you go to the polls and put a X next to a word remember that we’ve had Tory rule since 2010 and no other top 10 democracy imposed “Austerity” to balance the books after the banks caused the financial crisis in 2008.

    • No other “top 10” (Whatever that means) democracy dealt with the financial crisis so well from 2010 onward.Labour AGAIN politicizing something that has a more obvious answer – the police are just not very good at their job.Efforts should be made in this direction,rather than bankrupting the country (as the last Labour government did) by throwing money at inefficient organizations.WHat’s your problem? Not so many people putting that X next to the name you want at elections,eh…

  5. Nothing unusual this has been a bad estate for well over a year now police don’t do anything except drink tea with the crooks millmead needs a big clean up and fast

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