Photos: Thanet’s rich wildlife

Kingfisher at Ramsgate Photo Brian Whitehead

Thanet is known for its sandy beaches and bays but the isle is also rich with wildlife.

Monkton Nature Reserve and Sandwich and Pegwell Bay reserve are havens for a plethora of nature, from snakes and newts to wagtails, egrets and lapwings, not to mention the flora and fauna.

Kingfishers and Peregrines inhabit Ramsgate’s harbour, there are Brent Geese at Minnis Bay and Waxwing, Kestrels and Little Owls.

The isle is also filled with parakeets, foxes and bats as well as exotic damselflies and protected Great Crested Newts.

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Isle photographer Brian Whitehead and others have captured just some of our glorious wildlife in these photos.