Isle beach huts suffer damage and swept out to sea due to high winds

Westbrook Photo Jill Allen

Beach huts have been damaged and washed into the water in Ramsgate, Broadstairs, Westbrook and Minnis Bay today (April 30).

Severe weather conditions swept some of the huts into the sea and caused structural damage on others.

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In Ramsgate the Thanet community hut was pulled into the water and smashed on the harbour wall. Thanet council, which owns the hut, said staff will see if it can be salvaged. In Broadstairs there are reports of several huts being damaged by high waves.

In Minnis Bay more than 20 private huts have suffered roof and structure damage.

Councillor Bertie Braidwood visited the scene at Westbrook. He said: “I am shocked at the devastation on what should be a celebration of the forth coming bank holiday.

Resident Andrew Warrilow has had his Westbrook hut for 15 years. He said: “Some of the huts that had been tied down with chains had broken away. We have had a hut for over 15 years and have never seen anything like it.”

Many council owned huts, managed by Your Leisure, have also suffered damage. A spokesman said: “A number of huts at both Minnis and Louisa Bays have been damaged, some floating out of position due to the high tide and some being lost altogether albeit we are still trying to ascertain the exact number.

“Minnis appears to have been the most affected. Other bays have also suffered quite significant roof damage with felt being blown off.

“Your Leisure’s outdoor team have been out all day addressing as much as possible some of these issues to those most severely affected, they will continue to do so throughout the coming days in order to carry out the necessary repairs.

“Tomorrow, we will be bringing in Great West Autos to assist the team with the repositioning of those huts that were forcefully moved. We are hopeful that the weather will calm down and not create any storm surges during high tide this evening which will clearly delay repair and replacement works.”


  1. Beach huts never used to be placed on the sands until Summer due to exceptionally high tides with bad weather, It was just asking for it to be honest. Huts along promenades are the norm where they are safe from tides.

    • No they are not if winds and tides are bad . Minnis bay beachhuts today washed into sea from prom.

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