Ramsgate RNLI called to people and dog cut off by tide at Dumpton Gap

Dumpton Gap Photo Dan Thomsett

A dog had to be lifted to safety by the Coastguard after it and two people were cut off by the tide at

Dumpton Gap today (April 19).

The Ramsgate lifeboat was launched at 1pm.On scene the crew found the two people had managed to make their own way round to a safe area.

The dog however, which was afraid of water, was still cut off by the tide. The ILB crew attempted to get to the dog but were unable to. A mobile Coastguard unit on scene managed, from land, to lift the dog to safety.  Once all three were safe the ILB returned to station.

Earlier this month the RNLI crew were called to the same stretch of beach two days in a row to people cut off by the incoming tide.

The RNLI advise people to check tide timetables and make sure you have a phone to call for assistance if they want to take a walk along Thanet’s coast.


  1. Perhaps warning signs should be put up about getting cut off by the tides, as mentioned before.

  2. Surely it will be cheaper to put a permanent sign up with high tide times than keep sending emergency / voluntary services out to rescue people who seem unaware that the tide actually comes in and out at regular intervals.

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