Police investigate burglary at pensioner’s Margate home

Police appeal

An elderly lady has been targeted in a burglary in Margate.

Kent Police is investigating the crime and an attempted burglary that both took place in the same street in Margate.

The incidents happened at homes in Northdown Park Road between noon and 5pm on Sunday (April 8).

An intruder forced open a window to gain entry to a home between 1pm and 2pm while the victim was in the house.

The offence was discovered when the woman heard the front door slamming and realised money and a purse had been stolen from her handbag.

The second incident was reported at a neighbouring property. An intruder gained entry to the back garden and attempted to kick in a door to the house some time between noon and 5pm.

Investigating officer Detective Sergeant Neil Martin said: “We are linking the two incidents and are appealing to anyone who saw anyone acting suspiciously in the area on Sunday afternoon to contact us.”

If you can help, please phone Kent Police on 01843 222289 or Kent Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 quoting crime reference ZY/18098/18.


  1. We had a car broken into outside our house. I went out and caught the person who ran off and was rugby tackled by neighbour. Police came and arrested him. He was caught on my CCTV and neighbours CCTV. His saliva was also taken as he had spat inside car. Police kept us informed into progress until it went to senior management who declined to take case further as costs would be disproportional to outcome even though they had all the evidence. What is the point of the Police making appeals if they do not pursue cases!

  2. It is disgusting that happened. Their priorities are ‘harm to the person’ anything else has to wait. You have to do your own detective work and present it to them and even then there is no guarantee it will be dealt with in court. The CPS is not doing what it should and just trying to save costs. There is not much chance of any justice today. A change of Government probably won’t make any difference either as we will still be linked to the EU and under their laws. Brexit is only in name so it seems.

  3. The Tories have cut 20,000 police in this country, it’s got nothing to do with The EU and EU laws. Do you honestly believe there is an EU law that says British Police must not arrest burglars???

    Incidentally the UK government votes on whether to accept or veto each EU law and since 1999 have voted to accept 95% of them, have abstained on 3% and only ‘lost’ on 2%.

    Stop believing everything you read in the Express and Mail and do some basic research.

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