Dr Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt announced as South Thanet Labour Parliamentary hopeful

Dr Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt

Labour Party members have selected Dr Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt as their Parliamentary hopeful to fight for the South Thanet seat in the next General Election.

The vote took place today (April 7) at The Gap Project in Broadstairs.

Other candidates included county councillor Karen Constantine and Ramsgate business woman Raushan Ara.

Dr Gordon-Nesbitt, who is of English and Iranian heritage,  became a permanent resident of Ramsgate in early 2014 Before then she lived in Glasgow for 12 years and Helsinki for two years, working as a curator of contemporary art.

In July 2015, she registered as a supporter of the Labour Party so she could vote for Jeremy Corbyn as leader. She became a member of the Ramsgate branch of the South Thanet constituency Labour Party, taking a role as auditor and delegate to the General Committee.

Dr Gordon-Nesbitt is a researcher to Lord Howarth of Newport, a Labour peer and former MP. Her work involves interrogating Government policy, scrutinising evidence, consulting people from diverse backgrounds, drafting reports and briefing documents, advocating culture change and making submissions to Select Committee and other public-sector inquiries.

Following the announcement she said: ”

Rebecca said: “I am very proud to be Labour’s candidate for the next general election in Thanet.

“More than 50,000 people in Thanet live in poverty and it is only a Labour government that is offering real change and hope.

“I will work tirelessly towards securing a more equal and sustainable future for South Thanet. I am determined to demonstrate that it is Labour that can make a real difference to our community.”

“This result represents the victory of a new kind of inclusive, collective politics. Gone are the days of local MPs acting as the gatekeepers between people and power. Our campaign relied totally on teamwork, on “we” not “I” — and that’s how we’re going to win this seat for Labour.”


  1. Congratulations and well done on your win today. You ran a brilliant campaign and made your-self known to the residents of South Thanet. I wish you every success. Truely the best person for the job.

  2. Glad to see there is a Labour candidate for South Thanet. She seems to have the necessary local connections and experience of how Parliament works. We just desperately need a general election now, to make sure there is much needed change. Had enough of Tories with UKIP policies.

  3. The South Thanet Labout Party chose a candidate who is well qualified and keen to address the huge social inequalities within this area.
    Marxist plot ……..really?

  4. She’s been a diligent researcher and passionate campaigner for Save Our NHS in Kent’s fight to keep the stroke unit at QEQM hospital. Well done Rebecca!

  5. Great that South Thanet have such strong women candidates. I’ve never heard of this woman which rather troubles me! What’s she been Doing so far I wonder!

  6. I enjoy hearing all this talk of Labour “Marxist plots” and “Russian spies ” etc. So quaint and old-fashioned. Like an episode of Miss Marple, it takes me back to a past that never existed. A world of thatched cottages with roses round the door, inhabited by happy , smiling workers who read the Daily Mail and eagerly did what they were told by their employers. Where, it seemed, the only reason anybody could be even remotely peeved would be because of “Kremlin subversion” and “outside agitators”! Fortunately, more and more people are seeing through this tosh and won’t fall for it again. Some people, of course, desperately cling to this world view because seeing the world as it is, with its inequality, injustice, and lack of real democracy, is just too unsettling so they drug their brains with tales of “Communist plots” and hope it will all go away.

    • My Mum remembered a past when Labour was actually a party for the working man…..& woman (she was a champion welder during the war).She read the Daily Mirror too before it became a Marxist rag. She wasn’t cowed by her employers, unlike the Labour party ruled by the unions. Some of us can remember the mess the country was in under Labour & the broken promises. Labour dismisses the old….a drain on resources? & the young who are savvy enough to see through the lies.

      • If Labour is not a party for the working class then what is? Is there such a party? Why is “Marxist” suddenly an insult? Is “socialist” an insult too, and if so, why?

        Workers have always needed unions for self-defence. With the strong possibility of health and safety regulations being watered-down if Britain needs the EU, they certainly still need them.

        -down if Britain leaves the EU,

    • What? Sounds like the Tories are a little worried about this dynamic woman representing the South Thanet Labour Party!!

  7. She’s a researcher for a Member of Parliament (and not even a ‘real’ one, but a member of the Lords)? That’s what ambitious 21-year-olds do for a few months before getting a proper job isn’t it?

    And a researcher for the former Thatcherite Alan Howarth at that…

    Interesting set of principles in action there.

  8. Alan Howarth was an MP in the House of Commons for years before he was given a life peerage. First he was a Tory- but then he saw the light!

  9. How far to the Right wing of politics do you have to be to believe that the Daily Mirror, of all papers , is a “Marxist rag”?

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