Naked cleaner show comes to two venues and a ‘secret’ private address in Margate

Ethan Mechare brings Coming Clean: Life as a Naked House Cleaner to Margate

A naked house cleaner is heading to Margate to present a one-man show about his profession.

Ethan Mechare brings Coming Clean: Life as a Naked House Cleaner to Mar Mar Margate, LIMBO and a secret, private address in Margate.

The former Los Angeles TV presenter and actor embarked on his new career after he moved to London.

In his funny and provocative one-man show, Ethan reveals what a year as a naked house cleaner can teach you about desire and fantasy, and why we’re so shy about sex.

The immersive show performed in homes, pubs, shops and cafes is filled with anecdotes and observations to make audiences think again about sexual fantasy, desire, domesticity and disrobing.

Ethan said: “I wrote the play to encourage a cultural conversation. I want to shine a light on how little we speak about our fantasies and that if we vocalised our feelings more often we’d potentially feel less uptight and ostracized.

“ I love that the audience helps me write the piece every night, I confide in them and ask their advice which makes everyone in the room feel connected. The key to the piece is exactly that: connection. Connection to one another, to our partners, but most importantly to ourselves – what does each of us desire? And what makes it so bad?”

Coming Clean: Life As A Naked House Cleaner toured London and Brighton in 2017 and was part of Camden People’s Theatre’s Hotbed festival.

Show details

26 April                       

Mar Mar, Margate ,80 Northdown Rd, CT9 2RE, 7.30pm | £15 (£21, admission + cocktail)

27 – 28 April               

LIMBO, Margate, 2 Bilton Square, High Street, CT9 1EE, 7.30pm | £15

29 April                     

A home in Margate, 1.30pm | £15

Tickets are available from

For the secret location performance, ticket holders will be emailed with address details the day before the show.

Coming Clean: Life As A Naked House Cleaner is for those aged 18+

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  1. Just another exhibitionist gay man using some stupid show as an excuse to expose himself to as many people as possible.

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