The Libertines unveil new recording studio at their Cliftonville hotel

The Libertines new studio at The Albion Rooms Photo from

The Libertines have unveiled the new recording studio at their Cliftonville hotel.

The band bought 20-room property  Palm Court Hotel last year. They have now renamed it The Albion Rooms.

The property was purchased by SPANIEL, SPANIEL, LOMBARD & ROWNTREE LIMITED on August 11, 2017, for £458,000.

The London firm’s director is Carl Ashley Raphael Barat.

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A change of use of the ground floor single storey rear extension of the hotel to a music recording studio was approved by Thanet council last year.

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The photos were posted by The Libertines on their web platform at which also gives exclusive content charting progress of The Albion Rooms, recording sessions and glimpses of day to day life.

The Libertines  at their Cliftonville hotel

Scaffolding is also in place while the exterior of the hotel gets a facelift.

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The band will record at the studio and rent it out to other musicians whilst also retaining the hotel.

Guest rooms will open fully after the recording of the new album, which is scheduled to be released this summer.

Photos courtesy of Roger Sargent and Dean Fragile