Travellers who set up at Dreamland car park have moved on ahead of a court hearing

Travellers at the Dreamland car park

Travellers who set up on Dreamland car park on Monday (March 26) have moved on.

Around 10 caravans and vehicles had moved on to the council-owned car park but the last of the group left yesterday (March 28) following the issuing of a court summons.

Thanet council had issued notice to leave but were then forced to apply to the courts when it was ignored.

A Thanet council spokesman said: “We can confirm that the Traveller incursion at the Dreamland car park in Margate, which is owned by the council, has moved on ahead of the Easter weekend.

“Having been made aware on Tuesday 27 March that there were a number of Travellers on the site, our community safety officers have worked hard to ensure that the site was visited to undertake the required welfare checks. Once they were happy that no welfare needs were identified, officers issued a Section 77 notice requiring them to leave the land forthwith.

“This direction to leave was not complied with and the council applied to the court for a full hearing. On this occasion the court was able to schedule it without delay and we were due to attend court today (March 29).

“A court summons was issued to the group yesterday for a hearing tomorrow. Subsequent to the issuing of the summons, officers revisited the site and established that the unauthorised encampment has now moved on.

“Clearance of any rubbish left behind at the location has now been scheduled.”

There were some 84 illegal encampments in Thanet last year, the majority of these being Traveller camps, compared to just two in 2014.


  1. should have issued parking fines and then clamped them if they did’nt pay…all these so called Travellers just flout the law where ever they go and its left to Council Tax payers to pick up the bill

  2. All the usual dirty mess left behind, add flytipping to that bill the council tax payer has to pay each time there is an incidence.
    This will only continue throughout the year unless an alternative is sought and made to be used.

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