Ramsgate theatre show will help tots understand ‘where babies come from’

Inside will be shown at St George's Hall in Ramsgate

A new theatre show created for early-years children will be staged in Ramsgate on Friday (March 23).

Estelle Rosenfeld, a creative producer and mum living in Ramsgate, has worked with young children and their families, as well as nursery children and staff from Oaks Nursery in Canterbury and Helter Skelter in Broadstairs, to create a new immersive piece of theatre for 1 to 4 year olds called Inside. Set within a campsite, Inside is performed in – and experienced from – both the inside and outside of a tent.

This gentle show explores the communication between a baby growing in the womb and the outside world.  Estelle’s 4-year old daughter provided the inspiration to create Inside. When Estelle was pregnant with her second child, her daughter became inquisitive about how her baby brother grew inside her mother’s womb and where the baby had been before this.

Nursery teacher Tracey Mason said: “Many children between the ages of 1 and 4 will begin to welcome younger siblings into their families. This can raise a lot of biological and metaphysical questions about where baby came from, how baby grows and how baby is born. Many children in my class enjoy role-playing pregnancy and birth.”

Inside uses multi-sensory activities, shadow theatre, sound-making and object theatre to explore the questions children have about pregnancy and birth and help them adjust to a new sibling in the family.

The show is presented by Estelle’s company art and performance company,  What’s Coming out of the Box.

The Ramsgate show is at St George’s Hall, Broad Street, Ramsgate, at 10:30am, noon and 1:30pm

Tickets are £5, £1 for babies on laps. Booking fees apply, book here