Police warning of scam DVLA and HMRC messages

Scam warning

Kent Police has issued a warning urging people to beware of scam emails, texts and telephone calls claiming to be from the DVLA.

The messages usually contain links to a website that has been mocked up to look like an official DVLA online service.

The DVLA does not send emails or text messages with links to websites asking people to confirm personal details or payment information.

In a similar scam, emails and messages claiming to be from the HMRC advise people that they are due a refund and invites them to click a link and enter their details.

A number of cases have been reported in Kent and have been referred to Action Fraud.

Anyone who receives a suspicious message is advised not to open the link and delete the item.
Use the official Gov.UK website to access genuine government departments and services.

Report internet scams and phishing to Action Fraud