Kent Police council tax rise to pay for 200 new officers

Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott and Chief Constable of Kent Alan Pughsley

The biggest recruitment campaign in Kent Police’s history is being launched to find hundreds of new officers.

Today (March 19) Chief Constable of Kent Alan Pughsley and the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott announced a recruitment drive which will see a rise in the number of officers keeping the county safe.

In February, Mr Scott gained approval to increase the 2018/19 council tax precept, meaning a Band D household will pay an extra £1 a month. This will fund an extra 200 Kent officers to support local policing and in excess of 80 police staff.

These will be in addition to the planned recruitment of 240 officers proposed over the coming year to maintain the force’s existing numbers.

Chief Constable Pughsley said: “This is the biggest recruitment drive Kent Police has ever seen and I want to be clear that this isn’t about replacing officers who are leaving – this is about having more officers to do more things to keep people safe.

“It is a fulfilling time to be part of the policing family and if applicants are successful, they’ll be joining what Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Services describe as an ‘outstanding’ force for how it treats the public as well as its own people.”

Kent Police’s ‘More Than The Badge’ campaign will be running for the next year and applicants should visit the force website for more details.

If successful, recruits will be placed on a training programme which will include physical fitness, legal training, and tutoring with local policing teams.

Kent’s Police and Crime Commissioner Matthew Scott said: “The message I have heard loud and clear from the people of Kent is they are willing to pay a little more in council tax to boost the frontline, and the Chief Constable has assured me a significant number of these new recruits will go into local policing, rural policing and roads policing teams.

“Equally important are all the other roles within the Kent Police family which are vital in making us Safer in Kent.From call handlers to cybercrime investigators, Kent Police is More Than the Badge.

“I encourage anyone who is passionate about their community and protecting vulnerable people to take a look at the jobs section of the Kent Police website because there is bound to be a role which suits your skills.”

Find the recruitment page here


  1. Sounds like a good idea!But dose it make any difference or controlled every day burglary in Asian community within the Kent area as today ?

  2. @Marva Rees: Your reply was precisely the one I was expecting. Although countless people are slowly waking up, there are still too many ostriches.

    • my goodness, you’re an arrogant person! I shall continue to live in my very own real world, which fortunately has many links with that of other people whom I like.

      • @Marva Rees: Yes, it’s all in the mind. And what is more arrogant than asking me a question, then refusing to open the links I provided you as a reply as “a waste of time”? I genuinely do not wish to be mean towards you nor towards anyone else. I know that an alternative viewpoint offends, but only the ego is offended. You will certainly dislike Jordan Maxwell (on youtube), but he will wake you up if only you will allow him to.

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