Ceremony honours combined 143 years of service from four Ramsgate RNLI members

The four received awards for their RNLI service

A presentation evening has been held at the Royal Temple Yacht Club in the presence of 70 guests and RNLI crew.

The evening was to honour and thank four people who between them have served the RNLI as crew for a combined 143 years.

An RNLI spokesman said: “The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea and without courageous volunteers like these we would be unable to do our job.”

The introductions and welcome were made by Coxswain Ian Cannon and the presentations was carried out by Ramsgate RNLI Chairman Eric Burton.

Cpt Philip Lloyd Toghill joined in 1989 as Deputy Launch Authority until 2017 and also served as Hon Sec from 1989-1992.

Raymond William Noble started as ILB crew and helmsman in 1982 until 1997. He was also ALB crew member from 1982-2002, then shore crew from 2002-2011 before becoming Deputy Launch Authority from 2011-2016. In 2016-17 he was  Lifeboat Ops Manager  and he continues to raise money for the RNLI as collections manager.

The longest serving member is Derek Austin Pegden who joined in 1964 -1976 as ALB crew, also ILB crew and helmsman from 1974-1996. From 1976-2000 he was 2nd Coxswain and Assistant Mechanic, then from 2000-2001 he was 2nd Coxswain and 2nd Mechanic and then became Deputy Launch Authority from 2005-2016.

Also honoured was Dr Malcolm Reeves who has looked after the health and wellbeing of the crew and served Ramsgate for 27 years as Lifeboat Medical Advisor.

They were all presented with long service awards as well as a framed photograph of Ramsgate by RNLI Ramsgate Treasurer and photographer Steve Burton.