Man arrested in connection with serious assault in Ramsgate

Police taped off an area of the town Photo Jamie Kight

A man has been arrested in connection with a serious assault in Ramsgate this morning (March 17).

A disturbance took place in the High Street at about 3am during which a man in his 20s was assaulted and suffered a serious head injury.

He was initially taken to a local hospital but has since been transferred to a London hospital where he remains in a serious condition.

A 24-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of assault and is in custody.

Ramsgate High Street was closed until early this afternoon while officers conducted enquiries.

Detective Inspector Tristan Kluibenschadl from Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate said: “I would like to thank local businesses and members of the public in Ramsgate for their patience and assistance while the high street was closed.”

Detectives are keen to speak to anyone who may have been in the area at the time or witnessed the disturbance.

Call Kent Police on 01843 222289 quoting reference 17-178 or alternatively call Kent CrimeStoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.


  1. Who is in hospital and why did this happen??
    I hav a lad the same age as these youngsters and also occasionally goes out in Ramsgate. There has been a succession of serious assaults within this same area. Why is it not policed more at these obvious vulnerable times??

  2. Ramsgate is a magnet for troublemakers. The police presence is just about invisible and the licensing authorities seem to turn a blind eye to repeated violent disturbances in and around licensed premises. The same lax, hands-off attitude doesn’t seem to apply in Broadstairs. CCTV is useless because it doesn’t prevent anything. It just allows you to watch it later.

  3. I hear you. It’s so sadly unbelievable that if ur right, that, that is the case. It’s nothing like the programmes you watch about the police going out in full force keeping a close eye on revellers leaving the pubs and clubs is it. I mean if Ramsgate is a notorious haven for this kind of activity, and it’s not being policed, where the hec else are they??

  4. You do see on TV other forces using their manpower differently in seafront pubs and clubs locations where revellers are in abundance. They don’t mess about, they get into the thick of it with zero tolerance to stop anything unlawful happening. We in Thanet do seem to draw the shorter straw with very few officers on duty at a time, even in the night life locations. CCTV is in location along the areas concerned and although it no longer has the ability to make people think about what they are doing, it can be used to replay what has been caught on the system as evidence of any crime that has been committed if needed. I do agree that the licensing of premises in this area of Ramsgate needs looking at again to see if anything can be done to improve the situation of regular serious assaults taking place there. It is not fair on other shops and businesses who have had to stay closed or lose customers just because of the situation where local landlords are not controlling sensibly either the selling of alcohol to customers, or the behaviour of them on and off their premises during and afterwards. And it is not really fair to expect the police to be there just in case something happens on the street by people who have spent the evening enjoying themselves in one of the licensed premises nearby.

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