Thanet council plans to charge for household clinical waste put on hold

Thanet council charge for disposing of household clinical waste

A Thanet council plan to charge for the disposal of clinical waste will be put on hold while the authority carries out a review

The charge applies to yellow or orange sacks and sharps boxes. The decision to charge was made in December when new fees and charges were agreed for the 2018/19 financial year as part of the council budget.

In a letter sent to people who use the service, Thanet council said although the it had been provided free previously  it had been necessary to ‘revisit’ the issue of charging.

But Thanet council has confirmed the charges are now being put on hold while a wider review is carried out.

A council spokesman said: “We have listened to feedback from residents who are directly impacted by the clinical waste charges and want to take the opportunity to reflect on these concerns. In order to do this, we have decided to defer the implementation of these charges until we have undertaken a wider review informed by comments from our customers.”

The move follows outrage from residents over the proposals and the setting up of a protest group to fight the plans. A request was also made by Thanet Labour Party councillors to review the decision urgently.

Claire Clarke, from the Thanet Clinical Waste Protest Group facebook page, said: “We are very pleased Thanet council is looking at the implications more carefully but we will continue to campaign against the charges and there will be further information on the Facebook page.”

Thanet Labour Party leader Jenny Matterface said: “Hopefully those who use the service will now be consulted on this service since it would impact on those who are sick or with a long-term condition.”

The charges proposed are:

£214.13 per year for providing and collecting clinical sacks

£6.71 per collection for provision and collection of a 11.5 litre sharps container

£8.49 for provision and collection of 22 litre sharps container.

Find the Thanet Clinical Waste Protest Group here


  1. At a meeting of the Clinical Commisioning Group today GP’s confirmed to me that they had not been consulted and one person said the decision was causing ‘chaos’. GPS have to advise their patients of safe disposals . It’s a Duty of Care.and the Council didn’t even warn them at the Thanet Health and Well Being Board meetings.

  2. Absolutely sickening that TDC are thinking of imposing this tax on sick people, who don’t choose to suffer their conditions. SHAME ON TDC!

  3. TDC needs to consult not just the users of the service but all the clinical experts including GPs who have to make referrals to the service. District nurses and midwives. Hospital staff. Disability pressure groups. The unions whose members have to collect the waste etc.

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