Independent councillor Bob Grove joins forces with Thanet UKIP

Cllr Bob Grove has made a coalition with the Thanet UKIP party

Independent councillor for the villages Bob Grove has joined forces with Thanet council’s UKIP members – bringing the party level with the Thanet Independent Councillors group.

The make up of Thanet council is now Conservative 21, UKIP and Independent 14, Thanet Independent Councillors 14, Labour 6 and Independent 1.

The coalition means both TIC and UKIP and Independent are eligible to create a shadow Cabinet as the largest opposition at the authority.

The ‘tie’ could mean both parties sharing shadow Cabinet posts.

Those roles will not be decided until the full council meeting on April 12.

The Conservative Party currently has minority control of the council, meaning they will need backing from other groups to pass policy.

Council leader Bob Bayford was voted into the top spot but councillors on March 8 following the resignation of UKIP leader Chris Wells.


  1. Yes but many of the TIC group are still members of the ukip party some until june and september. Surely they must come clean to the public and be open and honest. Not deceive them either they are TIC totally or not because that is not the case at this timd

  2. Signs of desperation from a losing former council leader if you ask me. Can’t let go of that power and need to build houses on Manston Airport. I hope the TICs, together with the Tories, stay strong and continue to block his ridiculous plans for housing that few on the Isle of Thanet want.

  3. Why Cllr Grove would want to join that bunch – who failed completely in their election promises regarding the airport and reducing housing numbers I have no idea. Hopefully a majority in that council now have the vision to go forward with what this area actually wants and needs without obstruction from the UKIP old guard.

  4. This reminds me of that old “Life of Brian” sketch with the Peoples Front for Judea denouncing the Judean Peoples Front and the Front for Judean People. But none of them actually joined each others splinter movements.

    There has to be a first time, of course. Now , whose Party has he joined as a non-member Independent? The Airport Liberation Front?

  5. Trying to make the most of his remaining 14 months as a Councillor. And presumably hoping that it means he can hang on as Chair of the Planning Committee.

    • Agree with you.. lives in Minster, where most people want an Airport, yet he still wants houses.. should be taken off the planning committee

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