A Margate mural in memory of teenager Taiyah Peebles has been white-washed

The memorial mural for teenager Taiyah Peebles has gone

A stunning mural in Margate created in memory of teenager Taiyah-Grace Peebles has been white-washed over.

The artwork, opposite Kabuki in Marine Gardens, was created as a moving tribute to the 16-year-old who tragically died on railway tracks in Herne Bay last year

Whitewashing had already taken place either side of the mural but last July a Thanet council spokesman assured that the main painting would not be touched by the authority.

The stunning mural in memory of Taiyah

They said: “The memorial mural was painted with permission and we are always happy for artworks to be displayed with prior consent from the land owners to ensure they are not offensive or such like.

“The side walls have been painted over as they were ‘tags’. We do not have any plans to paint over the memorial mural.”

Today (March 9) Taiyah’s sister Delcie Sanderson said the mural, which had been fine this morning, had completely gone when she came back to Margate from Westwood this afternoon. It is not yet clear who is responsible for painting it over.

The obliteration of the mural to the former Hartsdown pupil has caused anger and shock on social media with people calling for a petition to be raised to allow it to be repainted.

Taiyah Peebles

Family were not notified of the painting’s removal. Delcie said: “I think it was Thanet council as the man who owns the building had no problem with it being there.

“My family knew it wouldn’t be there forever but they could have contacted us to let us know so my family and Taiyah’s friends could have gone down there taken her planter and got last photos. It’s two days before Mothers Day as well, I just feel for my mum.”

The mural had been created by family friend and street artist Vince Pugh.

Thanet council has been asked for comment.

UPDATE: A petition has been raised to get Taiyah’s mural repainted. Find it here