Thanet councillor Suzanne Brimm issued with court summons in dog dna FOI case

Suzanne Brimm

Thanet councillor Suzanne Brimm has been issued a court summons by the Information Commissioner’s Office.

The Thanet Independent Councillor faces three charges related to Freedom of Information requests for details about last year’s dog dna scheme.

The scheme was launched last July in a bid to trap owners who failed to clear up after their pets.

The idea was to target irresponsible owners who let their dogs foul and do not bag and bin it.

But the scheme, which involved costs of £5,000 and had intended the pilot to offer the first 500 registrations  for free, was ditched following a busy launch day at Government Acre. Thanet council said it was due to ‘low take up.’

The charges, outlined in the summons by Aaminah Khan, prosecution lawyer to the Information Commissioner, accuse Cllr Brimm of blocking, concealing or destroying records held by Thanet council “with the intention of preventing the disclosure by TDC of information” in response to FOI requests between July 31, 2017, and September 2 and 5, 2017.

A further charge says that between May 7, 2015 -when Cllr Brimm was first elected – and February 9, 2018, Cllr Brimm “being a data controller, processed personal data without having entry in the register maintained by the Information Commissioner.”

The hearing will be at Canterbury Magistrates’ Court on April 24.

Cllr Brimm, of Birchington, is expected to deny the charges.

A Thanet council spokesman said: “It would not be appropriate for the council to comment on a private matter relating to Councillor​ Brimm.”


  1. Just hilarious….how much more trouble does this Cllr need to get embroiled in before she is shown the door/boot/cell?!

    • A fair and public trial that leads to a conviction based on real evidence – rather than your judge/jury/executioner style,with,of course,yourself in all 3 roles.

  2. £40 fee for participants? Do I read that right? Does that mean the database would only contain those that participate? How would that catch those that are most likely to not ‘participate’ i.e. those most likely to do it in the first place. Who thought this up? Unless of course I have the wrong end of the stick completely.

  3. Almost feels like that to become a Thanet Councillor you have to agree to commit some crime during your ‘service’. Even the MP for South Thanet is getting in on the act.

  4. I think you’ll find there’s much more to come out with her. She’s a rule unto herself and flouts the guidelines and thinks she’s all so blinking clever. There’s much more to come out on this one. Sacked from British Gas too. The Infamous jump on any band wagon Cllr Brimm. You can’t tar them all with the same brush. Not all like her. Albeit from the sidekick Howes. She’s squeezed herself into another group at the council and the delinquent unruly behaviour no doubt will not be subdued but cause further mayhem.

  5. There seems to be a lot of shifty characters purporting to be councillors in Thanet, unfortunately they are Tories in disguise.

  6. Anyone with half a brain could have told her that the Dog DNA was a non starter. I know she was told but hey she ignored the advice. I understand that it’s use in USA is within gated communities where I imagine you have to agree to participate in order to get in to the community.
    The people who the scheme might have been intending to target were the least likely to participate.
    The money wasted on the scheme might have been better spent on replacing the dog warden that left the council.

    • I think you’ll find she wasn’t- Suzanne Brimm first became a councillor under a UKIP banner then took the walk across the floor to become Independent. -seems you’re making it up as you go along-are you!

  7. Another day, another Brimm story. The Isle of Brimm News. How many more chapters to this crazy woman’s downfall. Infamy infamy they’ve all got it in for me I bet she’s shouting. This woman is a disgrace and really dragging the position of councillor down. She really is the epitome of where it all went wrong for UKIP. Such a shame, I’m sure we will all be shedding a tear when they cart her off to Holloway. Not. Nasty woman

  8. she walks into mine fields all the time.everything she does is for her c.v.lets hope like this ukip council she will be a bad memory soon.let someone else bask in her ego.

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